Sweatshirt season

The honeymoon is officially over. No more running around in my lightweight shirts hanging on to the remnants of a summer that has been long gone. Heck - fall is about to be over, we have just been blessed with incredibly great weather. That is until now. It is officially sweatshirt season. While I am not a fan of the cold I am a huge fan of sweatshirts, especially a cheeky one!

During the week I have to dress appropriately, like most of us, and fall in line with the status quo. But on the weekends...let me be free. Under my sweatshirts LOL. I kid, sort of. The coziness and ability to layer my tank top I may or may not have slept in aside, I love the fashion statements you can make with sweatshirts. Literally shoes and accessories can make a difference between casual and casual chic. Plus they can be so comfortable. What is not to love?

This particular sweatshirt describes one of my personalities to a "T." I had to have it. Another favorite is this "weekend" sweatshirt which is on sale right now. This "need more coffee sweatshirt is also a definite winner because this is a true statement on my life. All the time.

I will share a couple more of my favorites with you below. What are your favorite ways to get casual or casual chic in the fall / winter seasons?

Stay safe loves~

sweatshirt season

sweatshirt season



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