Cozy Sweaters

I don't know about you but I feel like I blinked and summer was over. Where is the time going? The fall weather has been as unpredictable as ever but has been serving far more cold days than Indian summer-like days. Yep - I think we will be gypped out of the indulgent, unseasonably warm, fall temperatures I have personally come to love. One small reward is loading up on cozy sweaters that take me straight through the fall and winter seasons. These sweaters are all about function and comfort without sacrificing style. Speaking of which, each sweater's personality (you know they have one, right!) is complementary to so many individual styles. I dig the versatility of each and every sweater.

This sweater haul is actually timely. With the holidays charging at us like a fast moving train you may find it is easy to take out two birds with one stone. Your sisters, best girlfriends, girlfriends who are like sisters, mother and aunts are just a smattering of ideas of people in your life who may love a cozy sweater for the holidays. Take a peek at the sweater's from my sweater haul, plus a few extras that are worth investing in.

This BDG cardigan is a favorite. It is an effortless, oversized, ribbed knit that comes in a ton of colors. I'm talking black, brown multi, grey, ivory and light brown. I love the idea of this cardigan over a monochromatic look but it would like just as stylish over denim. It deserves a place in the closet!

The price tag is not the only allure of this cable-knit Bardot sweater. The color is unexpected and gorgeous, the sweater does not itch, it's slightly oversized and subtly flirty. Lots of fun! This is one of those sweaters that will stay on repeat. It's all good because it is easy on the eyes!

Let's talk about how fly this lace-up sleeve sweater is! This is another over-sized favorite - you cannot get the full effect of how great this sweater is in pictures. The textures are contrasting. It has a rib contrast at the collar and velvet lace-up detail at the sleeves. I see the black sweater with a bold colored, pleated maxi dress and casual sneakers. That's my vision and I'm sticking to it.

A slouchy cardigan is one of the more functional styles you can invest in. It is one of the more flexible layering options and this soft-touch knit by Ichi is both complementary in color and style. It's an excellent gift idea too.

Off-the-shoulder sweaters are still going strong. If you thought we were leaving them in 2016, wrong! The simplicity of this cozy sweater is the reason it made my sweater haul. This baby has some longevity plus it looks chic. You may just fall in love with the soft, french terry texture of this slightly fuzzy sweater.

Bonus Picks

This one-shoulder sweater by Treasure and Bond is one of my go-to looks. I love the asymmetrical neckline. There are a few colors but my favorites are beige and grey - "the neutrals."

The seafoam color of this fuzzy, Somedays Lovin Colour sweater is too good! It is a perfect, "Insta-worthy" sweater. It's also one of those cozy sweaters favored by style influencers.

As always my fab friends, thank you for hanging with me. Until net time!

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