knot back sweater twist back sweater

Knot Back Sweater


We are all admirers of someone right? Not fanatics, but most of us have a person or two we follow on social media to get a glimpse into whatever parts of their lives they want to showcase and share. A couple of social media influencers I support have been promoting some of the cutest styles you can find at several online stores. They’ve been promoting them so much so that I was no longer “ad-blind.” I gave in and decided to buy a few things to see how the looks really compared to Instagram vs reality. You know what I’m talking about. I’m convinced some stores cherry-pick their very best quality items to send to influencers. By the time we get around to making a purchase all we have is a severe case of buyer’s remorse and a cautionary story to tell. Funny but NOT funny! It’s becoming very hit-and-miss. In this case however, I was not entirely displeased with my purchase (my reason for displeasure is so small). I swoon over my oversized, knot back sweater…twist back sweater (you say tomato, I say tomahto). It is one of my favorite items, if a little trendy.

I didn’t notice until after I tore off the tags and was driving along that the oversized knot back sweater had a defect. It’s snagged (but I can tell it’s a stitching issue) and when I pay attention it does reveal itself once I am not distracted by the leopard print. This is my bad. I should have completely looked it over before removing the tags and getting my Dora the Explorer on. But…displeasure point number one. I am used to anything I buy undergoing an inspection – and being noted as such – before I get hyper with ripping off tags. As soon as I know something fits and I like the quality etc., I don’t personally inspect the items. The caveat is when I’m in a retail store because all kinds of craziness goes down, period.

knot back sweater twist back sweater

knot back sweater twist back sweater

I grabbed a couple of other on-trend, fall must haves. They are not so trendy that I could not wear them for a couple more fall seasons though. I am trying to be very deliberate about not looking like a walking fashion statement but I will buy things that call my name loudly and repeatedly if they aren’t ridiculously priced. Leopard print, camouflage, a little shoulder here, a peek of the back there…and some variation, have been stylish for years.

My second fave is the off-the-shoulder sweater dress. It is ideal for my chilly fall and winter evenings. Especially when I can layer a long cardigan over it a cropped leather jacket. It all depends on my #mood. I’ve linked some similar styles (and the exact, super fun ankle boots). I have been rocking a sweater dress since I can remember. I will keep one or two styles in my rotation.

off the shoulder sweater dress

I did have to make some returns. As with any other e-retailer, some things are better in photos than they are in real life. You have to have your hands on them to get the full effect. That is not a knock to the quality or fit. So no pictures of my full haul.

Shop the look:

Ankle boots (blue | distressed) / Knot back sweater (here and here) / Off the shoulder dress (here and here

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