Crazy for Skinny Cargo Jeans

I am absolutely crazy for skinny cargo jeans. Hands down, the cargo jean style is my favorite when it comes to skinny jeans. These jeans have earned the label "utility chic," for good reason. As fab as they are they are still very practical. With very little effort these jeans transition well into multiple occasions helping to create very fly looks. I like to rock them with embellished sweatshirts, all sorts of tanks, moto jackets and blazers, boyfriend name it.

I love the availability and functionality of the exposed pockets though they are impractical to actually use on skinny jeans. I truly am crazy for skinny cargo jeans - I don't want to wear them out which I would do, with zero shame. I'm craving a black, ankle-cut pair to add to the mix for the fall and winter.

Have skinny cargo jeans made the cut in your wardrobe? Share in the comments and keep it fab, my loves!


crazy for skinny cargo jeans

crazy for skinny cargo jeans

Polo Ralph Lauren (alternative) |  Charlotte Russe (alternative)

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