DL 1961 Cargo Jeans

I love the stylish update on cargo jeans - DL 1961 is one of the denim makers who's done it right. Their cargo jeans are flattering for women (even if you have a few curves). The DL1961 Cargo jeans capture all of the details of the beloved cargo pants only better! The pockets are perfectly placed (though I'll never use them they are just a bonus detail) and they are jeans! Who does not love a great pair of jeans!?

These along with another popular brand I will review soon, are probably my two favorite brands in terms of a great silhouette, comfort and durability. I love that they do not change my shape rather these DL 1961 cargo jeans  enhance it.

The shoes I am wearing are sold out but you can find very similar style "snake effect" heels here and here . While not a pointed toe high heel, a very fun and cool version can also be found here.

Cargo and Denim I Cargo & Denim II

Click the links or the pictures for more information.

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