Vince Camuto Booties

Vince Camuto makes very stylish and affordable booties, what I like to call the "luxe for less" look. It doesn't mean quality is sacrificed with Vince Camuto booties though. I have found them to be well-crafted, with great material and most importantly long-lasting. Of course, you've got to maintain and take care of your investment, if you treat any shoe poorly it shows.

As I've said a number of times before, my fall color is oxblood (or wine, burgundy - whatever). It is a classic and complementary color in my opinion and it adds a lot of great depth to a look. When I saw these beauties in my favorite color it was a no-brainer! Oxblood + Vince Camuto booties for the win.

Some of my favorite colors to wear these Vince Camuto booties with are olive green, grey, tan, navy, winter white and blush (or rose). They will look so good with pleated skirts and tights also. I cannot wait for just a bit more cooler weather so I can rock that style! But in the meantime, my go-to casual vibe...

VC Caden II VC Caden I VC Caden III

Click the links or pictures for a very similar style.

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