Dress up shorts

I decided to stop being so insecure about my legs and see if I could pull off a style of dressed up shorts. Yes, I wear dresses, skirts and even a version of a mini-skirt but I can still hide (somewhat) behind the extra material those things provide.

I've finally gotten comfortable with my skinny legs. I've been working hard on building up my thighs, so this is my year to own this look. I have to say, I kind of love it. The length, right at mid-thigh, is perfect for me (keeping it modest plus I need a tan on my legs - badly). While looking for ways to dress up shorts I have found many options available: scalloped hems, lace overlay, linen blends (like mine), metallic blends, sequins, leather - you name it. There is much fun and style to be had.

While I opted to dress up shorts with heels, I am sure the look would be just as chic with peep toe booties or shoes along those lines.

Romeo & Juliet Couture has some cute, woven, relaxed-fit shorts on sale right now. They are definitely worth consideration and a look at the style. The Parker Dalton silk shorts in black are another great option for you ladies with a stunning pair of legs, with zero fear about showing them off.

dress up shorts dress up shorts dress up shorts

Shoes: Schutz (alternate style here), Shirt: Banana Republic (alternate style here)

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