KC Tee

I have always championed small, local shops and fully embraced their ability to compete against larger retailers. As I have been exploring them, whether it's jewelry, home good or tees, I am finding that a lot of them have unique and quality pieces. Some prices are great, some are not - but I haven't run across anything that was not worth what I've paid. My latest find has been my KC tee, showcasing my pride in the place I am currently calling home.

There are a number of local shops selling multiple versions of a KC tee. For a city with three sports teams (the Kansas City Chiefs, the crown-taking, MLB all-star Kansas City Royals and Sporting KC soccer) and a line-up of barbeque that has earned bragging rights - I feel like this is a city bursting at the seams with love and pride for all things KC. If you want a KC tee for your pet, not a problem, there is a shop that sells one. Need your sweet, little baby to rep the city? Covered. Irish KC pride? Covered as well. I love the love the city has for its own!

I decided to show some my love for the city so I scooped up a "SkyKC" tee in one of my favorite colors (there were about 6 colors for both men and women available). I'll add some tanks to my collection next. I like the grey/red SkyKC version and football season will be here before you know it.

KC Tee KC Tee KC Tee

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