Everyday Black Blazer

This may feel like serious deja vu to you. It is not. I can assure you that you have seen some variation of one of these blazers before. The problem is I just cannot get enough of my black blazers. I love them. Extra emphasis on love. I used to think blazers were stuffy and had no place outside of the office. I would wear them but not with the same type of enthusiasm. Obviously not anymore. I have a hard time passing up a great everyday black blazer, in particular. Really, it doesn't have to be an everyday blazer. It just needs to be a black blazer that will pair well with girlfriend jeans, skinny jeans, distressed jeans, skirts, maxi dresses...you name it.

My cost-per-wear on my black blazers is pretty low. I definitely have maximized my full return on investment on them - not one penny wasted LOL. What I really love about the everyday black blazer is how easy it is to change the look and vibe of an outfit just by changing the wash of the jeans paired with it. For instance I'd wear the look below with white wash jeans / denim at work for a business casual look. I would also rock this look for a Sunday brunch - it is versatile like that. But, if I want to take it down to a more relaxed feel or make it slightly edgier, I would pair this everyday black blazer with a distressed black denim wash. That would be a perfect look for running around with my girls on Saturday happy hour and dinner excursions.

Bear with me - I'll try to keep it creative and fresh as I'm styling them, because I will certainly be rocking them!


everyday black blazer, blazer and skinny jeans

everyday black blazer, blazer and skinny jeans


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Blazer // jeans // sweater // necklace (alternate) // heels (black) //lip gloss (Apocalypse)

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