Layering Clothes

Raise a virtual hand, nod or shake your head and give me an amen - some sort of acknowledgement - if like me you are blessed with erratic, winter weather. One day you are faced with an arctic chill and would not dare leave your house without a hooded parka. The next day you are considering layering clothes because the temperature is somewhere between 40 and 50 degrees. We can't even blame the weather forecasters for this one. You've just got to love it, right?

If this is not your first time reading one of my blog posts, you know I am fan of the 45 degrees plus days. I am all about layering clothes (but high preference is not needing to layer at all LOL. No jackets required). Layering is not only functional and uber cozy, when done right it looks effortlessly stylish.

I like to play with textures when layering clothes and as much as possible keep colors in a similar palette. Picture a knit sweater with a denim jacket or a velvet blazer casually draped over the shoulders. It is a very interesting style trick which makes your look appear fancier than it really is. My favorite layering tip is to cinch my jacket around my waist, which is a bit more light and casual but equally cool. When the temperature demands I add the layer to my body - easy adjustment to make while maintaining the overall style.

I keep colors in shades from a similar palette to create uniformity. The silhouette helps to diminish the appearance of any bulkiness that may potentially occur when adding layers. This does not mean you can go adding heavy layers of your favorite shade of blue: tank, button-up, sweater and bomber jacket without some sacrifice.

Wearing short sleeves over a long-sleeved top is another style tip that limits the frumpiness and weight in creating effortless layered looks. Keep on rocking your favorite, satin tank maxi from the summer over a lightweight sweater or a turtleneck. Again, the key here is to play with textures and create a style that works for you.

Accessories are the missing piece, the final key, to creating effortless layered looks. Blanket scarfs, capes and dusters are all the rage right now. I love that they are on-trend yet they all have staying power. As long as the colors aren't too extreme you will have traction on oversized scarfs, capes and dusters for a while. So go ahead and fill your closet economically while you get your layering on!

Thanks for hanging loves!

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layering clothes, layering clothes winter, layering clothes fashion

layering clothes, layering clothes winter, layering clothes fashion

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