Gingham and Statement Sleeves

I’ve gone and done it! I could not resist the combination of this year's prettiest trends, gingham and statement sleeves. I recently  wrote a blog post on all things gingham,  which you can find here.  The print has been on my mind. You know how that is, as soon as you start coveting something you see it all of the time. I have been trying out different styles and sizes to see what looks best on me. It is safe to say, this is one top and style I am absolutely smitten with. Tied waist and tiered sleeves - details galore!

I don’t know when I will get tired of statement sleeves. They are just too good. It’s such an easy way to jazz up an otherwise plain or simple look. I thought about that Seinfeld episode when Jerry was rocking the “puffy shirt” on the Today Show to promote some benefit. He got so much flack for his ruffled, puffy shirt. It was hilarious. No matter the inspiration for today’s statement sleeves. I’m going to keep on adding them to my closet and wear them without shame. I try to keep my trends in check. I think this one has some longevity though.

Now I just have to stop myself from going overboard on gingham and statement sleeves. I found some cute off-the-shoulder styles, with dramatic and over-the-top sleeves (linked below) and all sorts of other fun looks to help you transition into the cooler weather. The one I’m wearing comes in this pretty pink color is sold out but don't fret. I'm sharing a very close, just as pretty purple version from Anthropologie below. I have some other ones which look pretty similar that I’ve linked for you also. I've been debating purchasing a couple of them.

I don’t wear these shoes nearly enough. I need to incorporate them into more outfits. They are the perfect shade of pink - almost the color of a perfectly ripe, ruby red grapefruit. The color red is prominent in them. I’ll go with what is on the box though!

Have you gotten on the gingham or gingham and statement sleeve train yet? Give it a whirl! Thanks for hanging with me. Xx-C

gingham and statement sleeves

gingham and statement sleeves


Anthropologie Purple Motie puffy sleeves (here) | Topshop light pink mutton sleeves (here) | ANIMALE exposed shoulder top in navy (here) | Alice + Olivia cold shoulder with gathered sleeves (here) | Similar strappy heels (here)

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