5 Pieces to Master Your Vacation Style

It is that time of year again. If I think hard about it, is it ever NOT that time of year? Vacations are always a good idea and always on someone’s itinerary, they simply seem to accelerate during our warmer months. Whether you are planning a stateside trip or two, heading South or North of our borders or planning an international excursion, I’ve got 5 pieces to master your vacation style with ease.

One of the key pieces is a versatile dress that allows you to transition from day to night, effortlessly. Whether it’s a girl’s getaway, couple’s vacay or a family trip, a dress that will serve multiple purposes is key. Flirty, off-the-shoulder dresses are cute, chill looks. Play with textures and materials like soft cotton, poly-blends or denim, to find the best ones for your vacation style. Bodycon jersey dresses are also a key, favorite piece to mastering vacation style. They pack well and typically are not susceptible to wrinkles. Just like off-the-shoulder dresses, the bodycon jersey dresses are quite simple to adjust from a day look to an evening look. A swap of the shoes, the addition of some cute baubles like a simple necklace or earrings, and you’ve got the makings of a great look for your getaway - no matter the agenda.

Another of the 5 pieces to master your vacation style is a pair (or two) of cute yet comfy slide sandals. They are all the darlings of the season, touting more comfort than the restrictive ankle strap sandals or thong sandals. They make great vacation sandals because they look good with everything. You can wear them with your versatile dresses, your cropped denim shorts, sundresses, bathing suits/coverups...really, you can do whatever you like! They come as basic or as embellished as you want them to be. Get you some in your life.

What is a vacation without proper swimwear? Even if your vacation does not involve a beach, many hotels have nice indoor and outdoor pools to hang out and unwind. Swimsuits are like handbags, it doesn’t hurt to have a few to rotate. There are some flattering styles to add to your current collection. I am partial to statement-making, one-pieces with mesh insets, or deep V necklines and ruching. The twist-front designs and the one-piece swimsuits with front or side cutouts are equally appealing. All of the swimsuits lend themselves to incident-free vacation wear. You will have one less story to tell; no lost bikini tops or saggy bottoms when you emerge from the water.

A stylish statement bag or carryall is a must-have to tote around all of your essentials. Your travel charger, sunscreen, bottled water, sunglasses, camera and even light snacks like fruit or nuts are some of the things I find myself needing when I am out on my daily excursions. A carryall comes in incredibly handy on vacations. Toss it on your shoulder, across your shoulder...and keep it moving.

The last piece to master your vacation style is dope head gear, like a Panama hat. Nothing screams “summer” or “vacation vibes” better than a Panama hat. Not only will you look like the fashion maven you are, you will potentially also gain some functionality from this hat. In the event you are venturing someplace where the sun is shining abundantly, a Panama hat is constructed to offer a bit of face and neck protection from the sun.

Of course there are other pieces you can incorporate to keep your style on point while enjoying your spring and summer vacations. I love my cut-off shorts with tanks or my swimsuit, but I realize not everyone enjoys wearing them. What are some of must-have pieces for mastering vacation style?

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