My gray and blue style

There are not many colors I will not try and pair with the color blue. My style is bold and I do not mind pushing limits and playing with colors, no matter the season. However one of my favorite and safer ways to pair my favorite shade of blue is with a neutral color like gray. My gray and blue style is one of the more versatile contrasting looks at my disposal. For instance, if I decided to rock a light wash, blue denim with a gray top, the style is not as distinct but it's still appealing. However with this bold, cobalt color paired with platinum gray the contrast is more intense. Either way I am happy with the outcome.

We have been having ridiculous weather. Days upon days of rain - with the threat of a treacherous ice storm that did not happen, thank goodness. On top of that the pressure from the atmosphere made my head go insane (hello migraine). The ability to leave my house or become anything that resembled "cute" was not an option for days. I had been living in an oversized tee. The moment I could get back to civilization I wanted to wear something that would add to my mental energy boost. The color blue makes me so happy so I knew exactly how I was going to reintroduce myself back to the concrete jungle, LOL. Though it was dreary outdoors, I felt better than I had in days and my gray and blue style complemented my attitude. Ready!

I am becoming one of those seasonless people - wearing what I want, when I want as long as I am comfortable. I do have some limits though. I wanted to wear blue and chartreuse but chartreuse is really a warm weather color for me. For now. I haven't styled blue and red together. It feels too sports-like or nautical for me. I've seen people wear the combination beautifully, I just don't feel all that confident in my personal ability to pull the look off. OK, I'm way off track - I had a thought and wandered. *smile*

Thanks for hanging with me loves. I hope you have a beautiful day!

my gray and blue style

my gray and blue style


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