Gray days

Normally when the skies are gray and the weather is gloomy I am inspired to dress in bold colors. I like to appear in stark contrast to the weather. But there are some gray days that just suck me in. My outward appearance matches the somberness of the sky. This is one of those days. Gray is still a great color in my book though. No longer does it evoke images of dull and drab appearances. It is one of my favorite neutrals to create clean look or a stark, icy look. Completely versatile and I love it.

On this amazingly, gray day I went for a somewhere in between. I do have on a V-neck sweater, though you can't tell since I am wearing it backwards as I am prone to do. A bold statement necklace and an equally bold, strappy heel complemented my silhouette.

The wind was completely killing my hair vibe and kept threatening to give me moments with my skirt but what can we expect with gray days and fall weather! I love the icy, metallic color of my foldover clutch by the way. One of my favorites. I will probably not put it away when the seasons change. I don't care if anyone judges me. I'll be judged for a lot worse I'm sure, LOL.

Enjoy conquering the day loves, half of this week is behind us!


gray days, gray v neck, neutral gray

gray days, gray v-neck, neutral gray

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