Coated jeans

Hands down, coated jeans are my favorite style of jeans (especially skinny jeans) for the cooler seasons. I love the funky and luxe look of the coated denim. They are very leather-like without all of the inconvenience of leather. Do not get me wrong, I find nothing wrong with leather however wearing leather pants can get hot and uncomfortable rather quickly. At least this is the case for me. Leather pants can also get expensive to care for with specialty cleaning. This style of denim cuts some of that headache.

I like both the AG brand and the DL 1961 brand of coated jeans. Both work very well with my hips which I unashamed of and my buns, which I have proudly gained over the past year or so. No smashed butt! Both brands do a great job of accentuating the curves and enhancing all of my lower assets. I'm pretty faithful to them. As I think about it, these jeans, along with a couple of other coated colors and a pair of dark denim may be the only jeans I own that are not frayed and distressed. I really have to do better. I am going to add plain, dark denim to my holiday wish list. Every pair of casual bottoms should not be distressed, LOL.

How about you? Are you overdosed on distressed denim or denim that is embellished in one way or another? Is there really too much of a good thing? So many questions! *wink*

I hope you all have had a great Monday!


coated jeans

coated jeans

Lace sleeve sweater | coated jeans (another option) | black heels

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