Grey Coated Jeans

Two things I cannot get enough of: grey and coated or textured jeans. Grey is like black for me and coated jeans, well what can I say - they are pretty sleek. Flexible also. They look just a good with a long sleeved tee or casual sweater as they do glammed up. I don't think you can take it too far with them (well you probably can I just haven't reached that point yet or no one was kind enough to tell me). I have even paired them with metallic - why not?

For a crisp but not too cool fall evening I paired some grey coated jeans with a lightweight jacket and a shell. It's still a good balance between casual and dressy but still very much comfortable (one of the more important elements for me).

The grey coated jeans are pretty neutral for someone trying to determine if this style is one they can work with. It's a safe color but still one that can be brought to life with the shoes and other accessories.

Have you tried this style yet and how are you wearing them? I'd love to hear about it in the comments.

Grey Textured Jeans 2 Grey Textured Jeans

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