If you've got to go blue...

Vibrant, rich cobalt is my favorite shade of blue. It is possible to wear the shade top to bottom without it looking like a uniform. I added some "detail" to the look with this fabulous laser cut top by Banana Republic (currently on sale). The top looks great with a cami however it's equally chic and classy with just a cobalt blue bra. The laser cut details do not have enough depth to expose an uncomfortable amount of skin. Comparable skinny pants may be found here.

I own a ridiculous amount of heels in all shades of blue. Rather than keep it in the cobalt family I decided to add some personality with printed heels in complementary colors.The look is fun, it's easy and it's a great transitional vibe. Not too overdone but just enough you're not too casual. This shade of blue is fantastic no matter the season. Happy styling fashionistas!

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