J Crew Multicrystal Necklace

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To look at this multicrystal necklace by J Crew online is to miss out on the full effect of the stunning details in this necklace. J Crew is known for making classic yet unique pieces and this necklace leaves no stone un-turned (cheesy pun intended)! This necklace has to be experienced!

This J Crew Multicrystal Necklace is filled with glass stones in dynamic settings (such as sky blue, teal and chartreuese). The settings are strung together with bright, green material that is barely glimpsed but offers a subtle peek.

The J Crew Multicrystal Necklace looks amazing no matter what it is worn with nor the color it is paired with. I have worn it on top of cobalt blue - winner; aubergine - winner; white - winner and soft peach - still a winner! I am confident I will get plenty of mileage out of this statement necklace and won't tire of it for a while. Have you found a necklace like this that you can default to? Share it in the comments and happy styling fashionistas!

Brulee 1
J Crew Multicrystal Necklace
Brulee 2
J Crew Multicrystal Necklace

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  • Lizzy says:

    Good day! Any chance your willing to sell this stunning JCrew necklace!?