Tank Dresses - Won't Last Long

For brunching with my girls or making an effort to step up my casual look while hanging with my guy, I love the options a body-conscious tank dress offers.

I am a fan of clothes that give me versatility. Tank dresses are one of those pieces. I wear it solo in the summer (as seen below) but as the season turns I toss a cute chambray or denim top as a stylish layering option (also looks very good tied around the waist). A printed tunic is also a great layering piece over a tank dress. For me it's all about getting maximum value out of my pieces while keeping it stylish. There are so many great options in very soft knits and blends, like this knee length Leith Tank Dress. The color is AMAZING! For an added dimension and more fluid silhouette, this raw edge tank dress by Glamorous may be just the answer.

The raw edge tank would look great paired with a necklace such as this lucite Alexis Bittar in hot pink. Makes a great color combo.

Now let's get to the shoes - my favorite part! Seldom will you find me in something without at least a 3" heel unless I'm working out, however tank dresses look equally fab with a great pair of sandals as they do a killer heel. When the dress is layered with a denim top it looks very cute with a pair of Converse also. It all depends on your level of comfort and the occasion, of course.





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