Lace Up pencil skirt

In case you have somehow missed it, the lace up trend has taken over and I embrace it with fashion gusto! First, I snapped up all the lace up sweaters and tops in every fabric that I could stand. I loved and still love the oversized, chunky-knit lace up sweaters...such a good look. Now there is a proliferation of lace up skirts with front ribbons, side ribbons and back ribbons. Hands down my favorite is the lace up pencil skirt. Make it black and the love just increases.

The details are minimal yet utter perfection. The silhouette is the right kind of understated sultry and the grommets are embellishments you don't see everyday. That is bonus in the plus column for me. While I am not normally a fan of high-waisted garments, I adore the look and feel when it comes to lace up pencil skirts. I suppose that applies to pencil skirts in general. It completes the look seamlessly.

I lucked up and found a corset style, lace-up top to wear with this skirt. While I don't mind wearing it without any outerwear at all, when the weather changed I was excited to pair it with one of my favorite relaxed fit, blazers. My preference is the chic vibes of a metallic-sheen blazer. ASOS carries some of the cutest metallic-sheen blazers to complement your lace up pencil skirts. I've linked a few for you. Another fun way to style this skirt is with a solid, white boyfriend shirt (or a button-up). I think it's a chic look.

We have heavy snow on the forecast again so it's back in the closet for this kind of fashion. I will however re-visit that collection of lace-up sweaters I can't get enough of. Are you still feeling good about the lace-up trend?

Thanks for hanging, loves!


lace up pencil skirt, black lace up pencil skirt

lace up pencil skirt, black lace up pencil skirt

ASOS metallic pink blazer | ASOS jacquard blazer

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