Lace-up sweater

I am so in love with a good, old lace-up sweater. The only thing that makes a lace-up sweater better is if it is a little bit slouchy and off-the-shoulder. I will not front, I do not love cold weather. I do love the transition and #FallFashion though! I have been itching to start wearing my Fall fashions, including my sweaters. The toes are still out but the arm are covered up. I dress like I'm in a couple of different seasons. I don't care.

One reason in particular I love this trend is it allows me to remain cozy but it is also just a touch rique. Do what you will with the tightening or loosening of the laces to easily enhance your decollete - that is your business.

I personally prefer the larger laces and grommets but you can find the lace-up sweaters in multiple knits and styles (including some pretty cool hoodies). I decided to double down, not only on the laces but in my neutral colors too! I've also linked to some really solid, neutral tones for the fall below:

lace-up sweater

lace-up sweater

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