Pashmina Scarf

I know a lush, blanket scarf is all the rage in scarves right now but I am still loyal to the sleek functionality of my pashmina scarf. As far as I am concerned a stylish pashmina scarf will always be on-trend.

It is such an easy way to add a bit of flair and drama to an otherwise understated look. I am a fan of the fringed, silk or satin blends. I personally don’t want my pashmina scarf, or any scarf for that matter, to be over-sized because I don’t want to be dwarfed by the scarf. I like it to accent my look, not become my look. This is one style I will continue to add to my scarf collection. I have shared some of similar looks for you below. Each photo will take you directly to the retailer once you select it.

What do you think of this contrasting look? All I am missing are my aviator shades then I would have my co-pilot look down! LOL.

pashmina scarf

pashmina scarf

pashmina scarf



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