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Who else lives for the brown boxes with the black and blue Prime label around the seals? Boxes filled with happiness, from daily essentials to things to simply improve the overall quality life. Amazon almost covers every point on the spectrum for me, LOL. Of course, being the addict that I am, I'm back at it again - hitting "add to cart" on Amazon. I thought I would share with you a small round-up of some of my latest Amazon favorites, including the last item I just keep repeating.

Farmhouse Fresh

I was at a hotel and spa with one of my sister-slash-besties when I was first introduced to Farmhouse Fresh. It is one of the most moisturizing and indulgent creams my skin has ever had the pleasure of feeling. After an amazing scrub on my legs the technician massaged the cream into them. The scent was delightful - so fresh. My legs and my feet were baby soft. The spa gifted me with a 4 oz. sample size of the Whoopie Cream scent and I've been hooked ever since. It is so, so good. It just melts into my cuticles and my hands are so soft without being greasy. That makes Farmhouse Fresh a winner in my book. I was stoked to find it on Amazon because I'd been unable to find it locally (the spa I originally found it was about 40 miles away). I wash my hands neurotically. I love trying out new creams and lotions, because I'm addicted and when I run out I like to try something new. This one however will remain in rotation.

FWY Muscle Roller Massage Stick

I feel like I have become one with this FWY Muscle Roller Massage Stick. It hurts so good after one of those ridiculously punishing sessions at the gym. While I won't give up my foam roller, this Massage Roller Stick definitely beats rolling around the mat in awkward positions trying to massage away the pain, LOL. In the comfort of my own home I can lay anywhere I want and with the appropriate amount of pressure roll the massage stick on my hamstrings, quads, shoulders or calves. The first couple of times I used it I bruised. Probably because I went overboard with the intensity and the amount of time I massaged my areas. I've got it down to a science now. I don't roll daily but when I do, I do a combination of stretching and rolling. Definitely one of my favorite purchases.

Orly Nail Lacquer Cupcakes and Unicorns

I love the versatility of this glitter-base nail lacquer. It is filled with long pieces of pink glitter and red confetti, the Nail Lacquer Cupcakes and Unicorn looks amazing over light or dark nail colors. I think I love the look of Cupcakes and Unicorn over dark polish. I like the extremes, as pictured on this nail blog. It's a fun accent to use in any season and Orly offers several different color accents to try. Suit your fancy!

White and Nude Ceramic Pineapple

Don't you love a random knick-knack or at least a striking one to place in your bathroom or kitchen? I'm sure it's not just me. This pineapple is just that 'thing.' I loooove the white and nude color. It's a different vibe. I also like that this one is not too big and isn't a distraction but rather a complement in it's space. This white and nude ceramic pineapple is also a fun piece for a floating shelf; it's certainly light enough. If you are looking for a cute, gift idea for girlfriends, look no further.

Tiesta Tea Slenderizer

If you are a green tea fan you will love Tiesta Tea Slenderizer Fruity Pebbles Green Tea. I typically like a strong, earthy iced green tea. However when I want a bit more natural flavor, I turn to Tiesta Tea. It is so refreshing! The Fruity Pebbles has bits of pineapple and papaya bits along with blackberry leaves. That's just a small portion of the fruity goodness that is infused throughout this tea. I'm a fan of it iced...I've never tasted it warm but I am sure the taste isn't that much different. It all comes down to preference. Speaking of which, there are several other types of Tiesta Teas, like Immunity, Relaxer and Energizer but the Fruity Pebbles is hands down my preferred.

I've been re-ordering the green tea for a while now. I don't quite trust the "subscribe" button because there is no guarantee prices won't fluctuate to something I'm not willing to pay. Love does have its limits LOL. I'd love to hear about any of your "must-haves" in the comments and hope my latest Amazon favorites have been helpful to you. Until next time!

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