Millennial Pink has Become A Thing

So, Millennial Pink has become a thing. What thing is that you ask? An of the moment trend, I answer. I had no idea, not a clue, several shades of pink I have been rocking the past 12 months fell into an actual classification, known as Millennial Pink.

I have been learning, or trying to figure out this phenomen. I have no idea why some trends last longer or have more impact than others. This one had indeed been picking up steam unbeknownst to me since at least twenty-twelve. I will admit this whole thing with Millennial Pink has me a bit flummoxed. You may have noticed I mentioned that several shades of pink are called Millennial Pink. It is implied that Millennial Pink is singular. I can’t find any reference or any persons who agree on one single color that would technically be called Millennial Pink. It is anywhere from pale pastel pink to the rich, gorgeous shade of a grapefruit flesh and the pinkish tones in between. It is far more peach-pink (does that make sense?) than pink-pink. It is probably why I like it. Millennial Pink feels more like a theme or a range than any one color.

Pink had never been one of my favorite colors. You would be hard-pressed to find it in my wardrobe. It was a shade I deemed too sugar-and-spice for my liking. But this new pink, this pink I had no idea had a trendy new name was very appealing to me. It reminded me of Rose Gold for some reason. It fit with everything – black, white, gold, emerald, cream…you name it. It was becoming one of my favorite neutrals. This is the type of pink both men and women embrace without second thought. This pink has now become a staple in my wardrobe and with my home furnishings.

Have you gone completely overboard and has Millennial Pink slowly invaded your lives as well?

Millennial Pink Has Become a Thing

Millennial Pink Has Become a Thing

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