Metallic Sweater for the win

If you are looking for an alternate to the traditional cocktail dress yet still want to make somewhat of a statement, one bold choice is with a metallic sweater. While not a default styling option, a metallic sweater is a great holiday staple and with the right investment piece, it can be a long-term addition to your wardrobe when you need some eye-catching accent wear during the cooler months.

I also like to pair my mine with a wildly colored fit-and-flare skirt (like royal blue) and when I want to be somewhat demure, I wear it belted with a camel colored pencil skit. It is actually quite versatile.

Calvin Klein has a beautiful, bronze color option that would look amazing with blush colors. Vince's silk and wool blend metallic sweater is black and lends itself to more styling options. It has a nice fitted look as well.

With my black sweater I decided to go overboard and wear it with some textured, coated jeans. DL 1961 makes this color, called Firestone. This is 100% uptown vibe, however you can create the style you want with this sweater. It's a versatile option. Happy styling!


Metallic Sweater
Metallic Sweater


Metallic Sweater and DL 1961
Metallic Sweater / Coated Jeans


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