UGG Athena Boot

I like to think of the UGG Athena Boot as the UGG for the adults. It simply does not disappoint. It has all the basic elements of the UGG boots we all know and love, including the shearling lining (it is only in the toe area), it is definitely comfortable, and no doubt warm. It also has one very important characteristic; style!!  This UGG Athena Boot rocks.

It is simple, yet it still makes a statement with its stacked heel and exposed seams. The UGG Athena Boot has the perfect blend of the leather and sheepskin the UGG brand is known for. It means we must protect this investment and handle them with care in the fall and winter weather.

There is versatility with these UGG Athena Boots as well. They can be worn fully zipped or worn cuffed down - very cute. They look just as cute with a dress as they do with jeans tucked into the boot. The two colors are black and caramel.

These UGGs are selling out quickly in the department stores but are still available at the UGG website. Unlike the Classic, the Baileys or other iconic UGGs, these will not be available every year. If you love them (and what's not to love), now is the time to get them and love them while you can!

UGG Athena Boots
UGG Athena Boot - Caramel
UGG Athena Boots Black
UGG Athena Boot - Black
UGG Athena Boot Folded
UGG Athena Boot - folded

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