Moto Jacket

One of my favorite off-duty looks is the moto jacket trend. It’s back in a major way this year and looks like it will be all over the scene through the fall and winter. Moto jackets are both a statement and style all on their own. No other accessories are required.

Leather and suede styles are popular among both the suburban and urban fashionistas. It’s another reason I love the style of jacket - the flexibility. Depending on how it’s styled a feminine look can be created or you can embrace your sassier side. There are many textures, you just have to hunt a bit to find something other than leather or suede.

The jacket I’m wearing is one I love to wear as a top. I zip it and let a tiny bit of décolletage show. It’s not a heavy fabric (a nice knit), no more than a sweater. I also like to wear it layered with a cami or a tank - never taking the jacket off. Most important when I rock moto jackets as a top is the cut. I don’t want them too boxy. It just doesn’t look as edgy or sleek. Lesson learned the hard way. I will find a way to make my boxy cut, moto jacket work though. I'm thinking layer it over a denim top. It should layer well. If it does, you will definitely see it *wink*.

I’ve eye-balled a couple of jackets I am adding to my wardrobe for the days the weather is not too brutal. I’ve linked some of the options I’ve found below. My favorite is the Givenchy. Not that I will be getting that one it’s just one for my “that would be nice” list. LOL

I LOVE the way brands have reimagined moto jackets! Straight from a classic biker jacket to street chic.

moto jacket

moto jacket



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