Blazer and Converse

A blazer and Converse. I love mixing and matching my looks and playing with style. I don't mind being a bit bold no matter what I am wearing. It's always fascinating to me when people say to me, "you don't dress like an academic." Maybe it's supposed to be a complement. Maybe it's supposed to be a subtle hint to get a little more conservative with my looks. I never dwell on it too long. I've got to be me and I am comfortable rocking looks like a blazer and Converse with an abundance of jewels. I'm even happier when my hair is big and fluffy.

I like this look for casual outings with my girls or a day of shopping when I need to take it easy on my feet for a change. Obviously this is a great transition look for those times you just can't get back to the house for any number of reasons. As long as you plan ahead and bring a spare pair of cute heels - bam - you've got a super cute, early dinner outfit. You may need to switch your daytime gloss to your evening lip color but that's all you need. Blazers are still so chic and fresh, they can be worn in so many ways to create or save a look.

I love to rock my blazer and Converse with a simple tank, but I also love to let a cute peplum top peek under the blazer. Layering with blazers, like with a cute vest over the blazer. Have fun with it ladies.

There is a sale on this blazer right now. You can shop the look below.

blazer and converse

blazer and converse

blazer and converse


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