Open toe mule heels

One of my favorite retro looks is back and this is one of those occasions I could not be more excited a trend is recycling. I love open toe mule heels. Love them! I used to own so many styles of open toe mule heels - clogs also. Denim, studded, patent, tapestry name it and I was trying to get my foot in a pair. It's such a sassy, kind of flirty heel.

There are plenty of traditional "block" styles for conservative looks. They have been around for some time - years -  and are pretty popular. What makes me want to really step up my game and add to my ridiculous shoe collection is the heels and stilettos. I've got to create the illusion of height and gorgeous gams *wink*.

This is one of those times I fully embrace when something old is new again. I don't feel like this is a style that's so trendy I won't get much life or more than one season out of the heels. Besides, I'm one of those people who will have their toes out until the first snow, doesn't bother me in the slightest. It's why we pay for heat when we need it.

I have linked some beautiful styles below. Thanks for keeping up with me. Keep it fab loves!

open toe mule heels

open toe mule heels

Steve Madden Sooki (multiple colors) | Vince Camuto Resina | Kendall + Kylie Essie (also available in black but this nude color is RIDICULOUS!)

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