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I've done something that has really surprised me. More than that what I've done has surprised anyone who has known me for a significant amount of time. I have retired my oversized handbags, temporarily at least. I have become a huge fan of the everyday clutch. What a novel idea, right? A clutch as an everyday bag makes sense for so many reasons. They transition so well and they are a much better conversation piece than my oversized, shoulder-breaking, countless number of satchels and totes (which I do still love but won’t be carrying any time soon). It took me no time at all to realize I don't need my medicine cabinet, back-up supply of snacks, extra hygiene products and anything else I could think of and never use with me every time I left the house.

My plan is to invest in a number of everyday clutches that are reasonably priced and slightly glam (but not over-the-top) that add some fun to an otherwise simple look. I used to save my clutch bags for a girls’ night on the town, New Year’s Eve or other special occasions. Not anymore. I love the idea of carrying a smaller bag during the day, and not just a cross body. My cute, little clutch is another way I am breaking up my 9-to-5 look and adding a pop of glam. It’s a perfect finishing touch.

I have been scouring the web looking for my "next ideal" everyday clutch. I prefer those with hand straps on the back. Score more points if the clutch is a fold over.

Below are just a few of my favorites. Be sure to check the links below to shop some looks. Keep it fab, loves!

everyday clutch Banana Republic Italian Suede Foldover

everyday clutch Burberry
everyday clutch

Phase 3 | Clare V. | Banana Republic Foldover Fringe | Banana Republic Italian Suede

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