Orange Sundress

We've had some unseasonably warm weather in the Midwest, but I am not complaining about it in the slightest bit. I don't need snow for it to feel like winter. I detest the cold. It brings me such joy that in late February I can begin sporting my spring wardrobe, including my extremely cute orange sundress that I have been itching to wear. With the weather being in the low 70s it isn't quite time for me to forgo a light jacket - but that's OK because I love the layered, denim look. Somewhere, someone has deemed it a "fashion don't" to layer sundresses but I'm a "rules are meant to be broken" type of girl. If it looks good and it feels good, I say go for it and do it with confidence. I understand, the straps are an important and flirty part of certain sundresses. But if visible straps are required to pull off flirtation, there is a different need that must be addressed! *wink*  But, soon enough I will be enjoying the sun rays in all my bared shoulder glory!

I prefer midi sundresses, or a bit shorter and a flowy cotton blend fabric with intricate details. For instance an eyelet pattern or a criss-cross straps like this cute orange sundress at ModCloth. A similar orange sundress (maybe a bit more peach than orange but just as pretty) at ModCloth in a more demure length.

Are you just as excited as I am that depending on where you live, it is almost officially sundress season? I'm at the starting gate, officially ready!

Orange sundress I Orange Sundress

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