Pink Leather - Must Have

One of my favorite, standard staples in my wardrobe is fun jackets. All materials, all styles, all colors. Besides a stunning pair of heels (or a rocking piece of statement jewelry) a jacket is one of the easiest ways to add some style and appeal to a chic, minimalist look. My pink leather jacket helps me turn some of my "basic" styles up a notch.

While I do believe it's important to own at least one quality, leather jacket in a neutral color I also think making an investment in a timeless color (pink leather, white, burgundy, etc.) is just as important to maximize styling options. I love styling my pink leather jacket with rose gold, beige, winter white, rose and even black pants, skirts, dresses - you name it. Lots of options - the only limits are my confidence in my ability to pull off a look.

One gorgeous option for a pink leather jacket is this crop leather jacket by Halogen. It even has petite options. Jil Sander also has a version that closely resembles the jacket I am wearing. You may pay a bit more but these types of pieces usually have serious longevity.

If you are in the market for a great looking grey pump, the d'orsay style by Sam Edelman is extremely close to the one I am wearing plus *spoiler alert* it is presently on sale. Don't know how long the sale or the shoes will last so snatch them up while you can.

Pink Leather Pink Leather Pink Leather

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