Perfect Accent

When it comes to describing the perfect accent piece I will be hard pressed to name one item or even one category. It's all relative. The perfect accent to accentuate skinny jeans, pointed toe heels in my humble opinion. There are so many styles and colors to choose from. The perfect accent for distressed shorts - wedges or platforms - you see what I'm saying? It is all relative.

When it comes to this lovely, transitional weather we are blessed with (sarcasm), the best thing about it is the ability to shroud myself in my new, favorite perfect accent piece. That would be my slightly over-sized bomber jacket. Love it and them! I cannot get enough of them and their versatility. I have plans for this particular jacket though. We are going to vibe together as long as the season permits! If you want to get in on this pretty, pink bomber action, I've linked them via the product images below.

I think this jacket will be stunning with a monochromatic look, like a grey dress and boots or nude dress and boots. Winter white would look amazing also. Winter white jeans remain on my wish list, if I can find the right pair.

I need a bit of self-control when it comes to this accent piece. I am starting to collect them like I do jeans. What do you say? What is your go-to piece to accent your look?

perfect accent satin bomber

perfect accent satin bomber

perfect accent satin bomber



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