Tie sleeves

New favorite sweater alert! The moment I spotted this sweater with the tie sleeves on Zara's site, I was a smitten kitten. It is made up of so many of my favorite things. It's black, it has a hint of sheer fabric and best of all the tie sleeve details. I am far from being over the trend.

I love how the tie sleeves on this sweater lead to a fully exposed shoulder - added bonus in the details department. It is always tough for me to transition from spring/summer style to fall/winter style. I love bold and bright colors and I prefer dressing for the heat versus dressing for the cold. However I am always down for an all-black ensemble and happily welcome more black pieces into my wardrobe.

My only beef with this sweater, if you want to call it a beef, is the ties become loose rather easily. They can be double-knotted though it will minimize the bows created on the lace up sleeves. Double-knots are probably more preferable than asking to be re-tied every few minutes though.

Similar versions are linked below, as well as the original. Thanks for hanging loves! xo

tie sleeves

tie sleeves


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