Pleated Sundress

I used to see pleats and immediately think of the classic, school girl uniform (you know...plaid skirt, white button up and black loafers). I could not mentally separate the look with school days, but I wanted to. On occasion I would run across a pleated skirt I could visually create a fully flirtatious look with when paired with the right stilettos or platform heels and blazer. When  warmer months and new looks began to usher in, all of that changed for me.  A couple of years ago I found could really embrace this trend with one of my staples (though a bit difficult to find) - a pleated sundress.

I love an A-line cut, especially with a fitted bodice. The pleats in the sundress accentuate the fullness of the cut creating for me, the perfect breezy look. The only thing better than a sundress is this version in my opinion. I like to keep it simple when wearing this style sundress; no extra print, no other distractions.

Definitely not the playground pleats!


pleated sundress

pleated sundress


pleated sundress


Gorgeous coral pleated sundress (BCBG) | Yellow pleated sundress (ASOS Collection) | White pleated sundress (ASOS Collection)

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