Red Fit and Flare Skirt

Now that I have gained some comfort and confidence with my body, I am seeking out all the cute skirts and shorts. It has definitely not come easy. I used to be so self-conscious about my legs and bony ankles. My thighs were not much better in my opinion. I've learned what works for me and how to add mass and definition that I am comfortable with. Even though I am not even close to my #bodygoals, I'm no longer shy about my lower half. So I definitely do not mind rocking outfits that "show a little leg" like this red fit and flare skirt. It is one of my favorites, I LOVE it.

I'm a fan of this style and length of skirt because it definitely creates the illusion of more. I appear as if I've got moderately long legs. The reality is quite the opposite LOL. It is all good, I'm OK with faking it in this case. I'm a big fan of this red fit and flare skirt because on its own, it does all the work. This one item is "the look" so I can build a simple and neutral outfit around it to complement the color instead of trying to compete with it. Red is a color I like to stand on its own. I've seen people pair it with equally bold colors like royal blue or coral but I can't roll like that with a daytime look.

This printed tee is a bit like a party in the front and chill in the back. It is a multi-textured blend; the back is a super soft cotton. I've linked the exact one from Zara. You probably know Zara sells out quick, like Bruno Mars tickets. Get it while the getting is good! I've also linked some other cute options, and red fit and flare skirts of a couple of lengths for you below.

It has been quite a day! It's 7:00 p.m. my time as I type this. I'd love another iced coffee to get me through all I have to do this evening. I'd be wired for sound thought! LOL. Have a fab day / evening and thanks for hanging with me!


Shop the look:

Red fit and flare skirt (here, here or this a-line) | Printed tee (here and here) | Nude heels (here and here)

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