I must have been under a rock - and you might have been under there with me. I don't know how I missed this one! I don't know how I was not aware of Rocksbox until recently. Now that I know, I feel like it's my duty to share all that is amazing about this unlimited, designer jewelry service. The concept is so straight-forward, yet another reason I love Rocksbox.

Ladies, you simply complete an online survey which does not take much time. Rocksbox considers the types of metals you prefer, colors you like, size of jewels and baubles, name it. Once your profile is completed you can add as many designer jewels to your "wish list" as you like. Thirty is the ideal number.

Based on the style you selected, you will receive three, hand-selected items to wear as long as you like, for a monthly rental fee of $19. Trade your pieces in as many times as you want or need to in one month!! If you want to buy any of the pieces, you have the option to do so at a discounted price. I love, love, love this idea. I can't tell you how many times I've spent a little too much money on a statement necklace or bracelet only to have it outlast its usefulness 3 or 4 months later. I have so many necklaces I will never wear again and bracelets piled high in my glass votives that need to be consigned. Yes, I also have several that I will wear for a long time to come, but I have too many that I needed only for a few occasions. Rocksbox can help with that!

Some of my favorite designers (I'm sure yours too), are carried like Kendra Scott, Lauren Hope, Ettika, Perry Street and Olivia & Grace. Rocksbox has inspired me to try designers I may not have ever given a second look.

Here's something else I love, shipping is free both ways. When you are ready to send your pieces back all you need to do is use the prepaid shipping label to do it. What is not to love? If you'd like to try Rocksbox free for a month, use my code "luxestylesxoxo" when you sign up at Hope you love this like I do!



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