V-neck backwards

I sometimes like a plunging neckline when it is done tastefully. I get more and more modest every year (when it comes to my wardrobe anyway). A V-neck sweater is a nice, conservative way to accentuate the neckline - right? But I also like to show off this back I’ve been working so hard to sculpt. Plus I think it’s an under-rated body part that has a different sort of appeal.

As the weather gets more crisp, the perfect solution is to wear my V-neck backwards. Not only do I wear my V-neck backwards, I like to wear my keyhole shirts and sweaters backwards too. I gently remove the labels so the reverse “front” is smooth.

Try this with button-up cardigans and your cowl necks too. Normally I detest both when worn the correct way. But when they accent the back I think it looks pretty dang good!

v-neck backwards

v-neck backwards

v-neck backwards


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