Scalloped Blazer

I heard it said recently that blazers were out, two or three seasons ago to be exact. Let's just say I didn't get the memo and if I did I sincerely do not care. I will always have mad love for this menswear-inspired staple. I am especially fond of the latest, chic twist; the scalloped edge blazer. Great detail without being over-the-top or a distraction from the overall look.

This particular scalloped blazer is versatile and not too trendy. It is perfect as casual wear, with denim shorts or jeans and looks just as great with tailored slacks or over a dress. I love the collar-less style (especially with my hair, there is no collar interference), the hook-and-eye closure and the color. My styling and color options with this scalloped blazer are just about limitless.

Scalloped edging or hems is popular in general right now. I'm glad it made its way to one of my favorite pieces of clothing - women look amazing in blazers!

Scalloped blazer (2)

Scalloped blazer (3)

Scalloped blazer (Banana Republic) | Scalloped blazer (Mod Cloth)

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