Shades of Khaki

The color khaki has grown up and gotten a bit of a make-over. A few years ago it was not even a blip on my radar. Now there are so many rich and pretty shades of khaki that I find myself adding lots fun wardrobe pieces to my closet in unexpected ways.

Of course there are my staple, skinny cargo jeans in a standard shade of khaki. I think of them as a neutral olive. They also happen to be some of my favorite skinnys. They are by DL 1961; the brand makes jeans for women with a few extra curves, but I digress. I've slowly been finding eye-catching accessories (think shoes and jewelry so far), in the complementary shade. The tops and sweaters came next. I've been raiding Zara lately for on-trend pieces that have some staying power. This cropped jacquard sweater fell into that category for me. I like the feel of the polyester material and the look of the weaved embellishment. It makes the sweater more of a "peek-a-boo" but it is not altogether sheer. There is black material interwoven as well; it makes the sweater appear slightly darker.

I also really dig the military-inspired pieces in the shades of khaki. The camo jacket is one of my favorite looks. Those jackets are so versatile.

I've shared some very pretty finds in the shade (linked below). Thanks for hanging loves!

shades of khaki olive sweater

shades of khaki olive sweater

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