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I have no idea where this year has gone and I can still hardly believe the holidays are on our heels! It is insane to think just a few weeks ago I was still running around in my summer clothes and now it is time to buy holiday gifts. If you are anything like me, you've bought nothing yet and you are preparing, slash dreading, getting out into the masses and scouring online sites for the best gifts for your family and loved ones. A shopping guide has always been my friend, my helper of sorts, to give me great ideas - at least for the ladies in my life. Let me be honest, I don't even try that hard for the's just not as fun for me. I ask them what they want and they get just what they ask for. All the guys in my life are straightforward, no tricks. What they ask for is really what they want. When I have deviated I have found myself in trouble LOL.

Back to the shopping guide! Except for our moms and our best girls that are more like our sisters (sometimes more than our actual sisters), I think it's fairly safe to stay in the $50-75 range. Of course, some gift exchanges have set dollar amounts but the shopping guide below has great gift ideas primarily around the $50 price point. What I love most about this guide is everything can be purchased online! No crowds or long lines and you can search for online-only discounts *bonus*.

My favorites are the dangling, rose gold Kendra Scott earrings, the Orange Blossom scented Jo Malone perfume (amaaaaazing), the plush cable-knit beanie and the Cluse watch. Don't get me wrong, I like them all but I'd be very happy to receive these four items of the shopping guide.

I hope these are helpful for you as you plan your gift-giving. I'd love to hear about any great finds you run across while you're shopping. Thanks for hanging! xo

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