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I have been thinking about adding this section to the blog for a while. I am not venturing into food per se, but I have wanted to bridge fashion and lifestyle elements together for some time. But bear with me because food is a big part of my life. I network over food, build and repair relationships over food, plan events over food - you name it.

I have usually considered Season's 52 as one of those places you venture into with your beau or family for special occasions. It has definitely only been an "evening-only" restaurant for me. My mind has been changed. In looking for a "brunching" spot to meet up with one of my besties to talk about our business, lives and plan our next caper, she suggested Season's 52. I'm so glad she did.

We focused on small plates we could share and were not disappointed. At all. We started with the Blistered Shishito Peppers, hoping and praying we'd have a few spicy ones peppered in the dish. No luck there but the flavors were outstanding. Smothered in goat cheese and lemon me when I tell you that you need this in your life. So good. We took our fingers to the bowl. Zero shame.

Another one of items we decided to try while we were brunching was the Caramelized Bosc Pear and Burrata Salad. In a word, it was mouth-watering. My companion would describe it as salty and sweet. I would describe it as creamy and sweet. I am a pescatarian, leaning more towards vegetarian. All of the prosciutto the salad was blessed with went solely to her. Everything else was seriously a delight. The pears were perfection, the 15-year, aged balsamic was sublime and the creme de la creme was the burrata. My word. Cheese is the reason I could never be vegan. Burrata is an amazing, soft, Italian cheese made of mozzarella and cream. So good!

We also had the California Golden Beets Salad during our extended brunch date. Unfortunately I failed to capture its golden goodness and beauty. It was my third favorite of the three plates we shared but still yummy. The pistachios were salty and the feta cheese smoothed it all out. Great combination.

I am fairly certain both salads are seasonal so you won't catch them on the regular menu for long. If any of these sound or look good to you, grab your girl(s) and find your nearest Seasons 52. You won't be sorry loves!


Brunching Shishito Peppers

Brunching Bosc Pear Salad

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