Skin Essentials

I am always thinking about how to keep my skin soft, glowing, clear and as healthy as possible. No matter the season , I commit myself to a few skin essentials to care for my face. I live such an active lifestyle and I also like to "test" out different products on my hair. If I didn't take the time figure out the skin essentials that worked best for me, I'd be in a world of trouble.

I have oily and dry spots on my face (hello t-zone) and I get the occasional under-the-skin cyst when my hormone levels are doing the most. Add to that the intense sweating from my high impact workouts and it is a must that I unclog my pores and pamper my face. I rely on my favorite mask, Renee Rouleau Triple Berry Smoothing Peel to gently exfoliate and resurface my face. It is worth every dime. No crazy additives and chemicals I cannot pronounce. It's simply fruit acids and enzymes doing their thing to keep my face looking youthful and healthy. The Triple Berry Smoothing Peel has the look of a jam or preserve and a similar consistency. It smells divine - just like raspberries.


There are a couple other products in the Renee Rouleau line that have gotten my skin looking right! Because I have brown skin, if I get any acne it will leave discoloration. It does not matter how well I behave or how great my impulse control is not touching it. It is what it is. The post breakout fading gel has been a lifesaver for me though. It is primarily lactic acid for exfoliation and white tea extract for soothing. Of course there is more to it but it is all a winning combination.

No matter what, I moisturize like a mad woman. I personally believe my craziness about moisturizer (plus all the H2O I consume) have helped my skin elasticity. I don't care if it is 90 degrees out, I whip out a bit of moisturizer.

Another favorite skin essential is my lip polish. Lips are often overlooked but my naturally, plump puckers take up too much residence on my face to be dry or cracked. I keep them exfoliated and well moisturized also. When I wear dark lipstick they get especially stained and dried out, so I like to give them extra love and nourishment. My yummy lip polish by Fresh has been a staple for years. It causes no reaction to my skin and leaves my lips feeling AMAZING!


I keep my nails and cuticles in top shape with OPI Cuticle Oil to Go. It is so convenient to keep it in bag and I love that it is "no-spill." I can brush the get-like oil on my nails whenever the need arises. Perfect for me. I've linked the last two below.

I'm pretty excited a found a formula for my skin. I like to be natural and these essentials have helped me correct my skin issues and achieve that goal.


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