Bell Sleeve Trend

It looks like this bell sleeve trend is going to swing into the fall season (early fashion previews indicate there will also be some stylish looks for Spring 2017). It is everywhere! I would not go so far to say the bell sleeve trend is taking over the ubiquitous cold-shoulder style seen at every brunch, happy hour and date night from coast-to-coast, but it definitely holds its own!

Whether you think of the sleeves as flared, bell or just really big sleeves, one cannot argue with the drama and whimsical effect of the bell sleeve trend. On its own, it definitely makes a statement. The retro vibe, back from the 70s, can be styled a number of ways of course. Depending on the volume of the sleeve, and the style of the top, my preference is to style the lower half with minimal distractions. I have seen the top paired with flared jeans - I would not personally try to pull it off. Though I have confidence to spare, I don't have the height to match!

My advice is own the look - infuse your personality and elevate the style. The bell sleeve trend is extremely trendy from my perspective. The best thing to do with a trend is to have fun with it while it lasts. Just don't overdo it. I can't help but to swing my arms when I strut around with my extra bit of flair. I've linked some of my favorite looks below.

bell sleeve trend

bell sleeve trend

bell sleeve trend

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