Exposed and Off-the-Shoulder

I thought I could let it go but this is one trend I will hold tight until it is time to break out the puffy jackets. Exposed and off-the-shoulder is and has been my absolute jam. It is an understated, subtly sexy look. There is just something about the neckline and shoulder, right?

Naturally I have been excited to see all the exposed and off-the-shoulder styles have been transitioning into cooler weather with adjusted sleeve lengths and heavier fabrics. Praise hands!! These looks are like fire - they are simply spreading and hard to contain. Everything from boho chic to relaxed or sophisticated has found its way into fall with this trend. I am in love with the combination of draped sleeves and exposed shoulders. It looks so good with denim or slacks - anything goes. I appreciate not everyone is excited about the trend. However, if you are one of the majority looking for more ways to 'give 'em the cold shoulder' throughout the fall, I've curated some of my favorites below. Just hover over each image and click through to get the shopping details.

Personally, I don't invest an enormous amount of money in a look I don't think has longevity. I'm not a boss like that - I like to get my money's worth. While I typically could care less what others are doing or wearing, I can't say with certainty this is a look I will want to bring into 2017, though it is showing up in the Spring 2017 styles. It's your wallet ladies, I'm just thinking this is not an investment piece for me. I do have fun with it though!

exposed and off-the-shoulder

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