Sleeveless Blazer

I was caught off guard by how much I like the sleeveless blazer look. I love dusters; the length and flow of the duster give a much different vibe than sleeveless blazer. It was love-at-first-sight for the reinvented duster trend. It can be chic, romantic or very casual - but it is a fun look. However it took lots of browsing online and walking past the blazers in stores, touching them...holding different bottoms up to them, leaving and coming back before I finally took the plunge. I am so glad I finally got off the pot!

I have thought about it and I am uncertain what my initial hesitation was to make the investment. It is such a solid piece. It works over a dress, with slacks and a pull-over or a button down shirt, with a skirt and of course with denim. There are so many creative ways to wear it. I love the look and feel of this particular blazer; it is a lightweight wool/spandex blend. Because it's end-of-season, this blazer can be snatched up for a fraction of the price right now - it is a steal! It is also a great layering piece.  I've linked it and a cute alternative below.

sleeveless jacket

sleeveless jacket

sleeveless jacket


Banana Republic (Chambray blue) | Topshop (black) | Topshop (pink)


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