Trapeze Tank Top

I really like to wear a tank top and jeans in the spring and summer. It is one of my go-to looks, there are so many ways to make two basic pieces look pretty fab. One of those ways to elevate the look is with a trapeze tank top - which is such a beautiful silhouette no matter your body top.

There are many reasons the trapeze tank top has invaded my wardrobe other than the very forgiving silhouette. Most of them have a high-low hem which adds a subtle but interesting detail (high in the back, low in the front). The straps are usually spaghetti, criss-crossed, or t-strap which is another bonus - especially when the weather is overbearing and you don't want to be constricted by fabric. Speaking of which, the other reason I love a gorgeous, trapeze tank top is the swing of the top. It looks good and it feels good. I'm highlighting everything I love about this tank top and jean combo below. Stock up sales now, save them for next year ladies!

white trapeze (3)

trapeze tank top

trapeze tank top


Trapeze Tank Top (Ily Couture) | very cute alternative by (AQUA)

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