Strapless Chiffon Dress

A great alternative to the favored bodycon dress many of us ladies love is an "after-six," strapless, chiffon dress. I personally believe chiffon is underrated. I'm not referring to bridesmaids dresses and all of their wonderful glory. I mean the re-invented cocktail dresses that still flatter a woman's body and  but  happens to be made less dramatically than formal attire. I have found some strapless chiffon dresses I will definitely wear more than once.

Lately I've been attending cocktail parties for business and associates, not quite formal but I definitely did not want to wear anything I would wear to work. I found dresses such as this to be the perfect compromise. They will also come in handy for spring parties (which I am anxiously looking forward to, not that I am wishing my life away).

Back to the subject of weddings, strapless chiffon dresses like this would be brilliant for guests to wear, especially at an evening wedding (I'd wear a different heel though - less flashy). This particular style does not have an inkling of bridesmaid about it, so there is no competing with anyone in the wedding party.

I've found some great options and colors for the upcoming seasons. A gorgeous midi dress at ASOS (with a halter neckline rather than strapless, but close enough), the extremely flattering Leon Max (Max Studio) and the gorgeous, ombre Halston Heritage Strapless.

Have I convinced you to give the style a try if you haven't already?

Strapless chiffon dress Strapless chiffon dress Strapless chiffon dress Strapless chiffon dress

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