Coral crew neck sweater

I have been seriously enjoying these spring-like winter days, wearing my favorite sweaters sans jacket and strutting around in all of my strappy heels. While I am craving spring and summer I will miss sweaters, especially this coral crew neck sweater which I don't wear nearly enough. It's simple yet effective. It's definitely the color that accomplishes the "effectiveness." I don't need to add much to it when I wear it; I like to let it stand out on its own.

I love the way my coral crew neck sweater looks with black leggings (very "Happy Halloween"), a pair of oxblood colored jeans or cords or white denim, but I love them best with distressed skinnies. But really, what does not go well with distressed skinnies? I haven't yet fully embraced the ultra distressed look but I may soon give it a whirl - I digress.

I own lots of sweaters, but I really have about six of them I actually love wearing - anyone else do that? This year I have made myself a promise to unload myself of anything I haven't worn in over a year, no matter how perfect or cute it may be. While I love sweaters and sweater weather, I will be doing a serious purge. I have found that bold colors, like this coral crew neck sweater and my staple colors (grey, black and winter white) are those I actually wear. None of my printed sweaters got any "screen time" this year. Patterns failed with me also. I may be becoming bold but minimalist *insert Kanye shrug* Who knows? Tell me, do you have just a few favorites, despite having a massive collection? Maybe it's time for the "purge" for you as well!

Purge or not, If this sweater is a color and style you are interested in, check out this version by Polo Ralph Lauren or this version by Ann Taylor. J Brand has a very similar pair of grey, distressed skinnies.

Coral Crew Neck Sweater Coral Crew Neck Sweater Coral Crew Neck Sweater

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