The Only 3 Superfoods You Need

In the words of Beyoncé, I’ve been drinking, I’ve been drinking…but it’s not what you think. I have figured out what I believe has changed my overall wellness for the better. I’ve been refining my supplementation for the past 3.5 years and I’ve narrowed it down to the only 3 superfoods you need to take daily for a mental and physical improvement.

Anymore when people tell me how great my skin looks or that it’s glowing, I attribute it to three things. I guzzle plenty of water, consistent exercise and the combination of my superfoods concoction. It’s definitely not sleep. I haven’t gotten good rest in over a year. Ruled that out but I digress.  Superfoods to the rescue.

There are plenty of superfood supplements to choose from. From acai to moringa, there is a supplement to deliver what your body needs. It depends on what you what to accomplish with your overall health and wellness. I have a powerful trinity of superfood supplements, the only three I need, that have done far more for me than give me a glowing complexion.

I’m hooked on a cocktail of wheatgrass (the young grass of the wheat plant), Chlorella, and Maca. Mixed with purified water it tastes like the cleanest matcha tea you’ve ever had – it has a naturally mildly sweet taste. If you’ve never drank matcha tea, my only other comparison is it just tastes clean…and earthy.  It miiiiight be an acquired taste but I personally think it’s delish.

Dr. Axe of Food is Medicine says, “The best way to consume all foods is as close to their natural states as possible. For wheatgrass, this means that drinking it in juice form would be preferred over consuming it in tablet or powder form.”  I take wheatgrass and the other two supplements in a straight powder form but I pay close attention to how all the supplements are sourced, cultivated, and processed. It makes a huge difference in purity and taste.

My favorite, favorite benefit of dosing wheatgrass in particular at least 3 or 4 times per week is that it produces an alkaline environment in my body. I consume a lot of coffee and a few other acidic foods. A healthy recommended serving of wheatgrass counters some of the self-induced mess I potentially do to my body.

the only 3 superfoods you

I’m also a fan of drinking this superfood concoction because it helps improves digestion. Both wheatgrass and chlorella have enzymes that aid in digestion by assisting your body in breaking down food and absorbing nutrients. I’m not trying to put you to sleep with all this sexy, scientific talk but for women, it’s a thing of beauty. As our bodies become accustomed to this process, the more we regularly drink this goodness, the less bloating we experience. So good! Wheatgrass in particular has 21 amazing benefits you can read all about here.

Chlorella is a single-cell green algae found in freshwater environments. Drinking it on its own leaves a LOT to be desired. I’m not recommending that to you but do what you like. The overwhelming hype about chlorella is that it has a 50% protein concentration and it’s a great source of the essential amino acids we need. I love it because it’s beneficial for the skin, it improves brain function, and it helps against major depression and heavy metal detoxification. I’m not making any of this up. It’s been heavily researched and tested. Check out these studies here or here

The sweetener in my drink, the proverbial icing on the cake, is the maca root powder. This superfood is nutrient-dense and so good for women’s bodies. Where do I even begin? First off, it smells divine, like the sweetest butterscotch. It doesn’t taste the same though. While I don’t personally use it in any of my baked goods, many people consume maca root this way. There are phytochemicals present in the maca root that work to balance the body’s hormones in by supporting the master glands in the body. Both of the master glands direct the balance of hormones as well as which hormones the body produces. Fertility is positively impacted!  Another often-reported side effect of taking maca is an increase in overall energy and vitality.

It’s another superfood that promotes healthy brain function (I need all of that I can get) and it helps to reduce anxiety and stress. Let’s be real, trying to “have it all” comes at a cost to our minds and our bodies.

This superfood concoction can easily be added to your green smoothie, almond milk, or whatever you prefer. So give it a whirl and drink your greens my friends. Your body will thank you.

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